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Boost your water park profit and safety with Aqua Socks

The Ultimate
Aqua Grip Sock

Working closely with our aquapark and water park customers we have undertaken extensive market research and on-site testing to develop the perfect solution for water leisure facility owners across the globe.

Provide the ultimate customer experience, help reduce slip risks, enhance your marketing reach and boost your revenue with Samurai Aqua Socks!

Aqua Sock Benefits

Additional revenue stream

Protect equipment from damage

Increased customer safety

Enhances customer performance around your venue

Wearable marketing tool

High quality performance sock product for customer to take away

Protects customers against hot or sharp surfaces

Reduces customer anxiety with unknown underwater surfaces


Aqua Sock

Standout Features

Our custom branded aqua socks are the FIRST in the industry with a number of performance features specifically designed for use in Aqua Parks, Water Parks and other water leisure venues.

Aqua Sock Performance Features
Bespoke aqua park grip socks with AQUA-GEL

Custom Aqua Socks

Offer the ultimate customer experience, a visual marketing tool and boost your revenue with Samurai Aqua socks.

Bespoke to your water park brand to provide an important marketing opportunity, our wholesale aqua socks are designed with specialist gel to enhance customer experience and protect your equipment. But most importantly, they provide an essential boost to revenue.

With a range of enhanced performance features specially designed for aqua and water parks, we have created the ultimate aqua sock.

Generic Performance Aqua Grip Socks

The same tried and tested great Samurai aqua sock, at a price and order quantity to suit every operator.

Proven to be a hugely popular, affordable solution for water park clients across the globe. As an alternative to bespoke aqua socks, we manufacture and warehouse the Samurai Performance generic aqua sock.


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