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5 social media ideas to help your Aqua Park make a splash

Social media is the place to be for active entertainment venues and aqua parks.

The appeal of social media is that it has such a huge opportunity to reach target audiences on mass for free. Although social channels are encouraging businesses to use their paid options, there are also many things that you can do to elevate your brand without paying a penny.

Not only does it offer opportunities for all brands – big and small – to elevate their business online, social media is the perfect place to exercise your creativity and create amazing content that will get your water leisure venue noticed.

Make the most of user content on your aqua park social media


User content is fantastic content for brands on social media, especially for the aqua park industry. Whether you are marketing a food and beverage brand, an indoor entertainment venue or anything in between, user content is worth its weight in gold.

When consumers are making their purchasing decisions, they are strongly influenced by what they see on social media. It is one thing to see amazing content created by a team that is paid for by the company, but when a customer shares their experience, photos, videos and testimonials, it is considered genuine. This is especially true when the content is shared voluntarily by customers having a splash-tastic time in your water park.


User content can be an action photo of people using your equipment, the premises itself, your new custom Samurai Aqua Socks, children having a splashing good time, or simply a nice comment. Be sure to keep a close eye on your interactions to see if you have been mentioned or tagged - you can then go ahead and share.

You can encourage customers to provide you with user content by requesting that they tag you in any photos or videos that they post. Additionally, you could create a brand hashtag that customers can use on any post about their experience. Hashtags can then be searched and you have instant, authentic content at your disposal to promote your #AquaPark.

Samurai aqua park socks custom branded grip socks for water parks

Host a social media competition


Competitions are a great way to ‘seas’ the day and get your water park out there with very little input. ‘Tag a friend’ and ‘share to enter’ contests can reach thousands as they are shared amongst friends and family.


When you launch a competition with the goal of creating brand awareness, you need to offer the perfect prize. We have worked with many brands to create bespoke promotional goods that are not only useful but desirable with a high perceived value. Such prizes will see shares, impressions and views of your social media channels go through the roof. Our creative team are brimming with ideas and would love to help you to elevate your aqua park with a fantastic giveaway.

Simply post on your channels what you are giving away and decide the method to enter - like and share, tag a friend, comment etc. Don’t forget to keep promoting to give the competition ample opportunities to circulate. Use a random name or winner picker so that your winner is chosen at random. Many even post the draw on their socials live.

Video is a must for water leisure venues


Everyone knows that video content is now king. From professional, corporate promotional videos to simple user-created videos at your water park, you are bound to receive more views than if you choose not to use video content. After watching a product video, consumers are up to 85% more likely to buy it!

Consuming video content is much easier than reading. We are able to take in so much more information by watching a video than if we were reading. Think about how a book is condensed into a film. It’s the same principle. In a fast-paced world filled with information, social media users are more likely to respond well to the content that is easiest to consume. Plus visitors appreciate the authenticity that user generated video offers.


No matter what you are selling or promoting, video has a place on your timeline. Product videos are an excellent way to show consumers your products in action on the water. Explainer videos are huge since they serve a purpose beyond selling: a potential customer will see that you are a water park that adds value beyond the point of sale.

Video is also a way to show customers behind the scenes of your aqua park. A huge benefit of social media is the ability to post snippets of the day to day working of a business such as fun on the slides and showing off tricks. Stories have proven to be an incredibly popular way of showing these real-life videos. Tap into the emotions of consumers; when they see real people and real values behind a brand, it builds trust and a sense of getting to know the people rather than the corporate front.

Tell your water park story with mascots


A brand mascot is a great addition to an aqua facility. It has been a popular marketing technique for many years and now, with the emergence of social media, you can take your mascot marketing to the next level.

Designing the right brand mascot is essential, the team at Samurai love a mascot challenge (we’ve even written a blog about the benefits of custom characters for FECs – you can read it here). Whatever your business, we can work with you to create the perfect character to represent your water park.


Once you have your mascot the possibilities are endless. A mascot can be a regular appearance on your social channels and will soon become synonymous with your aqua park. A mascot can help to tell your venue’s story and create a narrative that can be seen throughout your marketing and social media posts.

A real-life mascot is the ideal opportunity for videos and promotion as they interact with children at events and your aqua park. However, if a life-sized mascot isn’t in keeping with your image, then a mascot can be used in many other ways. Turning your mascot into a cartoon character affords you to be as creative as you like. With the skills of a video animation designer you can have your mascot doing anything you like, the only limit is your imagination.

Social media takeover


Social media takeovers are a great way to collaborate with a brand that is relevant to your water park and the best part is that it is good for both brands. The point of a social media takeover is that it gets your brand in front of a larger audience.


It’s simple, post on social media that you are holding a takeover and ask brands to apply. You can then choose someone that will be most effective. Alternatively, contact businesses that you would like to work with and offer them the opportunity exclusively.

Make your platform available to relevant businesses for just one day. Obviously, you can preapprove their posts before they are live to ensure that they are in line with your values and will help your water park to grow.

Here are just a few ideas to get you started; social media is vast and content is limitless. Take advantage and enjoy the rewards that social media can bring to your aqua park. What will you try?

And if you’re really looking to make a splash with your customers, our Custom Aqua Socks are an essential for your park.

Samurai Aqua Socks offer the ultimate customer experience, help reduce slip and trip risks, are a visual marketing tool (both online and offline) and will boost your revenue – what more could you want?

Bespoke to your water park brand to provide an important marketing opportunity, our wholesale aqua park grip socks have been specially designed, extensively tested and manufactured to enhance the water and aqua park experience. Our Aqua Socks are designed with specialist gel to enhance customer experience, help reduce slip risks and protect equipment, whilst also providing an essential boost to revenue.

Unlike neoprene shoes, our socks are lightweight, breathable and allow a full range of motion for all your aqua-based activities. Plus they are cheaper – meaning an even higher potential customer take-up and boost to your bottom line.

Find out more: or call us on +44 (0) 208 751 2222 / 678 222 3421

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