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Activities and facilities that will boost your Aqua Park business

How you can expand your Aqua Park site offering by adding various activities to help increase revenue and reach a wider audience.

As an active entertainment venue, you should always be looking for ways to expand your aqua park’s offer and boost your revenue. Whether it’s adding new facilities or holding exciting events, keeping your customers interested and engaged is a priority. These additions won’t just benefit your current customers, they’ll also help you reach new markets and grow your customer base.


Glamping at an Aqua Park: Glamping pods and camping at Aqua Park site venue to boost revenue

The concept of glamorous camping, or ‘Glamping’, is incredibly popular these days. It incorporates the beauty of outdoor camping with the added luxury of amenities such as a proper bed, electricity and running water – what more could you want! It is an ideal addition to an aqua park and is pretty simple to set up.

Investing in high-quality glamping pods will allow you to reap the rewards quickly as people are seeking these more upmarket glamorous camping facilities, especially if you have other exciting activities and facilities on site! This handy comparison tool will help you to find the best pods for your aqua park and budget. There are plenty of guides online outlining planning permission and licenses that are required for a camping or glamping site.


Festivals season is here and they are everywhere! It’s not just the big ones - local, smaller-scale festivals are popping up all over the place. If you have the space, a festival is a must. Approach local bands and artists to entertain your guests. Call in local food and beverage vendors and make it an event to remember. A festival is also great for publicity as it will be advertised through numerous channels including to the established audiences of the artists and vendors.

Festival at an Aqua Park: Holding festivals at your Aqua Park site venue to boost revenue

The rewards of holding a festival yourself are huge. However, it is not without difficulty. There are a lot of complicated rules and regulations but don’t worry, you can simply hire out your space to an event organiser and let them do the leg work!

Winter festivals are becoming a bigger thing now too, why not make the most of your outdoor space in the winter season?

Whatever you do, don’t forget to include local Influencers on your invitation list, by making your event super ‘instagramable’ so they can sharing engaging content with their followers and you can grow your reach. Check our blog to read more about how Influencer Marketing can help boost your active entertainment business.

Food and drink

Any type of entertainment venue must offer food and drink – aqua parks are no different. After all that climbing, sliding and splashing on your facilities, customers are going to be desperate for some refreshments and an energy boost.

Food and drink trucks at an Aqua Park: Offer onsite catering facilities at your Aqua Park site to boost revenue

Onsite catering facilities will allow you to prepare and offer food with a high-profit margin. Due to the outdoor nature of an aqua park, investigate local food vendors who may wish to pitch up in a semi-permanent manner to offer your guests refreshments. Get your custom branded cups and water bottles from Samurai.

Aqua Park Parties

Gone are the days when kids are happy with a few friends over in the garden. They are looking for fun and adventure to celebrate and what could be better than a birthday party with friends at an aqua park? Different party packages can be offered to suit all budgets. You could even offer exclusive hire so that the birthday guests get the park to themselves. This is a fantastic way of adding revenue when the aqua park would otherwise be closed.

Parties are brimming with opportunities for added value items. An optional branded party bag filled with branded favours such as customised aqua socks, branded party wear, food packages, and cakes always goes down a treat. Parents who are booking a party package are looking for simplicity - the more you can offer them the better.

Samurai Party Parks for Aqua Parks: Host parties at at your Aqua Park site with Samurai Party Packs to boost revenue

Summer camps

Six weeks (or more!) is an awfully long time for busy and working parents to fill with fun activities and childcare. This is why we are seeing a growth in summer camps that are offered at active entertainment venues. Not just from a childcare perspective but it’s something that kids really want to do. There are football camps, dance intensives, multisport, tennis and more. You name it, there is a club.

Tennis lessons at an Aqua Park: Run summer camps for kids at your Aqua Park site to boost revenue

With an aqua park facility, your scope for offering summer camps is huge -on dry land and in the water. You could even double up by offering a residential option where the children can camp. The main investment for such camps is the staffing. All staff will require the correct qualifications to lead the activities.

Links with schools and local clubs

When things are a little quieter in term time why not collaborate with local schools and clubs. Your aqua park facilities will be a welcome extension of their own, enabling them to offer pupils and club members a fantastic place to train or simply to have some fun.

Scouts and Guides at an Aqua Park: Create links with local clubs and schools to use your Aqua Park site facilities

Many schools attend residentials with ample outdoor activities so if you have the space, an investment in accommodation is worth investigating.

A collaboration with schools and clubs will also do wonders for your reputation. As word spreads you will find your bookings increasing.

Swimming lessons

Although an aqua park is usually more suitable for older children and adults, you can still involve the little ones by offering swimming lessons. Again, this could be in collaboration with local clubs, and schools, or you could offer your own. Swimming is a life skill that the majority of parents insist on their child learning.

Swimming lessons at an Aqua Park: Teach children to swim at your Aqua Park site to boost revenue

This will open them up to water-safe enjoyment on holidays and at aqua parks.. Many parents are willing to pay a premium for high-quality swimming lessons and intensive swimming courses. You could also offer your own, custom branded towels to hire or purchase.


Hosting competitions for your activities on offer is a great way to get people coming along to your aqua park. Firstly, as they will be booking in to participate in the event. And secondly, to practice. Anyone taking part in a competitive event is sure to want to put in hours of practice so your park’s sales prior to the event will increase.

Samurai customised event clothing for an Aqua Park: Adding custom branded clothing and uniforms to your aqua park site to boost revenue

Enlist local businesses to

donate prizes in return for sponsorship and shared advertising. As part of the entry fee, you could include customised event clothing for all participants so the advertising goes on even when the event is over.

A variety of activities

Wakeboarding, paddleboarding, canoeing, jet ski hire, banana boats - there is so much that can be done with a large body of water. Water sports are so much fun, and the best part is that you can offer something for everyone. From relaxing boats to full-on water adventures, there is something about water fun that you just can’t get anywhere else. Whatever you are offering, as always, your guest’s safety is paramount. Our specially designed aqua socks ensure the best grip even on the most slippery surfaces, and they are bespoke so you can make them your own.

Wakeboarding and paddleboarding at an Aqua Park: Water sports activities at Aqua Park site venue to boost revenue

Tuition for activities such as paddle boarding and wakeboarding is relatively rare. Many will associate these with a holiday. Offering ongoing tuition will attract customers from near and far since there is not an abundance of classes available.


You may think that holding a wedding at an aqua park is a little out there but stay with us! There are more and more unusual weddings booked each year, and waterside venues have a big draw. With people wanting to show off their individuality and inject some personality into their big day, why not an aqua park? If you have the space to accommodate wedding celebrations, it is one worth embracing. Adding an internal venue to your aqua park gives your venue a lease of life through the colder months.

A multi-purpose venue can double up as a conferencing suite, overnight accommodation and allow for private bookings.

Wedding at an Aqua Park: Wedding event at Aqua Park site venue to boost revenue

These are just a few fun and exciting ways you can expand on your current aqua park offer to boost revenue.

What will you add to your aqua park?

For all your custom branded product requirements, from socks to clothing to party packs and everything in between, get in touch now.

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