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  • Samurai Aqua Park Socks

Benefits of branded aqua socks

Provide the best water park experience for your customers, and see the benefits to your business with custom branded aqua grip socks.

Boost your revenue

Uplift ticket sale profit with branded socks

Custom branded products offer an important revenue stream, upsell on a standard visit and leave customers happy with a quality product. Aqua park socks provide an opportunity to increase your bottom line by adding additional spend per head on every transaction.

Wearable marketing tool

Benefit from brand loyalty

Let your customers do your marketing for you! By offering a quality, appealing custom branded product your customers will wear your socks time and time again, boosting the long term value and a retained marketing spend.

Your Aqua Park Grip Socks can be as unique as your venue is with fully customisable designs, produced by our specialist in house design team. We have designed eye catching grip socks for thousands of trampoline parks, inflatable parks, soft plays, ninja parks and more across the globe, so we know what your customers will love.

Protect your equipment from damage

Invest in keeping your equipment safe

Keep your inflatables safe from trainers and shoes with a specialist aqua grip sock. By offering an alternative to shoes, and a safer option for customers than bare feet, you eliminate the risk of damage to your facility.

Increased customer safety

Enhance customer enjoyment

Specialist grippy gel provides customers with increased traction for getting on and off equipment, offering an enhanced visitor experience to keep them coming back again and again, boosting your customer retention.

Created with safety at the core. Not only do water park socks increase user safety by reducing the risk of slips and trips, they protect your customers’ feet against hot sand, stony surfaces and underwater hazards, offering a more enjoyable experience both on and off your inflatable park.

A standout unique aqua sock product, industry leading knowledge and a next level service. Let us show you how we’re making waves in the Aqua Park sector, get in touch now

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