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Our Partners

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Working together makes us stronger.


We’re proud to be members of the World Waterpark Association. With over 1500 members globally, the WWA is the largest organisation dedicated to supporting the water leisure industry. 

Who are the World Waterpark Association?


Established in 1981, the World Waterpark Association is an international non profit association that provides their water leisure and supplier members with education and networking opportunities that are vital for a safe and successful waterside business. 

Governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, the World Waterpark Association’s vast members include water theme parks, water parks, aqua parks and other waterside venues across more than 40 countries globally. We’re inspired by their commitment to water safety initiatives and providing the tools and support to enhance guest experience and safety.


Providing the resources and tools that Aqua and Water Park Venues need to sustain and grow their businesses in 2022

It's dedicated publication, World Waterpark Magazine, is invaluable for any businesses in the water leisure industry


Samurai Aqua Park Socks are WWA Members

Investing in the future of the aqua active entertainment industry. 

We’re thrilled to be part of a dedicated organisation created to support waterside active entertainment venues with our custom aqua sock and branded merchandise solutions to boost revenue, improve safety and enhance the customer experience.

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