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 Aqua Socks for   Water Parks 

“My experience working with my account manager Sarah has been amazing, she was very good at getting back to me with any queries I have and made sure my custom branded socks were delivered on time. The customers love the socks and it’s been a great additional revenue stream for our water park.

I would highly recommend Samurai for great quality products and service”

Paphos Aphrodite Waterpark, Cyprus

Custom Branded Aqua Sock Key Features

Showcases your parks brand, colours, logo and design

Lightweight even when wet

All sizes available (XXS - XXL)

Unique custom aqua gel on the sole

Low cost and affordable

Minimum order quantity applies

Key Reasons Why You Need Aqua Socks in Your Water Park

Additional Boost to Your Revenue

Marketing Tool for Your Venue

boost revenue.png
marketing tool.png

Keep Your Customer's Feet Safe

hot floors.png

Slips and Trips


Uplift ticket sale profit with branded socks

Whether you offer them at an extra cost or raise your entrance fee to include them in the ticket price, you’ll make a huge profit on the aqua socks.

Our client’s feedback: ‘Our profit from just socks has been incredible, we've made thousands just from selling our custom branded socks. It's basically free money!’

Benefit from brand loyalty

Custom branded socks with your logo, branding and colours are an excellent way to promote your park. Especially as the customers can take the socks home, increasing visibility of your brand outside of your park.

Protection from hot and sharp surfaces

Socks will protect your customers from burning their feet on the ground when walking around the park. The socks will stay on their feet the entire day, which is preferable to having customers leave shoes outside slides and pools.

Protection from slippery surfaces

Customers are less likely to slip or trip in and around the water due to the aqua gel


Protection from Germs

more hygenic.png

Protect customers feet from spreading verruca's and other infections

Aqua grips socks may help to prevent spreading infections to other customers and   contaminate objects or surface.

Have you got concerns about footwear at your venue?

Previously, some of our clients raised concerns about implementing the aqua grip sock product within their venue. Whether it be worries of the gel slowing down sliding, or your policies not allowing footwear within the venue, we helped them overcome this and we can help you too.


With the huge benefits that the aqua sock can have on your venue, can you afford not to reach out and find out more?

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